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  • Picture, Picture on the Wall – How Art Can Affect Your Feng Shui

    Every day we are influenced via what is around us… The words which can be said, the smells we odor, the points of interest we soak up. The aim of feng shui is to sell beauty, concord, and aspiration, the elevating of our attractions towards lofty, noble, and profitable dreams.

    The poet Maya Angelou said that we ought to be careful approximately the phrases we talk because the words will “dangle on the walls.” Of direction, she  is speakme about what we do in the figurative feel. However it is also real of what we hang on our partitions within the literal experience. That’s why it’s far vital that we surround ourselves with uplifting sights.

    Feng shui encourages the utility of stunning, maintaining pix. Pictures and art work of miserable topics,…